The Vision


John 1 : 4-5, Isaiah 60: 1-22, Isaiah 42:6-7

“Raising men for the kingdom”

We will pursue these until all nation of the world is reached and men raised for the kingdom of God and we intend to achieve this by:

Prayer, counseling, teaching and preaching of the word of God. Act 6: 3-4
Home cell Acts 2: 42-47, Acts 4: 31-32, proverb 27: 17

Open air crusade and outreach programme.Living an exemplary life of holiness and righteousness, hence doing a life of total worship as a lifestyle.

Television and internet

♦Tapes, internet and television ministry

♦Organizing seminars indoor and outdoor

♦Musical project such as talent shows, Album project, recording. e.t.c .
programme for the need.

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